Our mission is to help people create a sense of Belonging in their homes and neighborhoods.

Loneliness was an epidemic long before COVID began.

Over the past 30 years, the world has seen a steady rise in feelings of isolation. At the same time, it’s become easier to connect with strangers around the world than neighbors around the corner. With an increasing focus on virtual connections, the world has lost touch with something elemental for our lives and progress: physical community and the idea of “Neighborhood.” It shouldn’t be this way. This is the problem that Venn was built to solve.

The seeds of Venn took root in 2016 while co-founders Chen Avni and Or Bokobza traveled the globe. No matter where they went, they saw that people everywhere often lacked the type of close, real-world connections that they experienced growing up in communal environments in Israel. So they started to wonder if, as virtual communities expanded, humans had somehow lost touch with the values and benefits of a true neighborhood. And they wanted to do something to change that…

Venn’s mission is to “help create a sense of Belonging for people in their homes and neighborhoods.” From day one, that’s meant building the tech platforms, expertise, and experiences that empower people everywhere to connect with the neighbors and neighborhoods around them. From Brooklyn and Kansas City to Berlin and Tel Aviv, our seamless, localized Neighborhood Platform combines the cutting-edge of virtual community building with the timeless qualities of connection and participation that make us all feel like we belong and are part of a real community.

Venn’s impact

Over the years in our neighborhoods, we’ve learned that individual and community levels of loneliness and connection are highly-accurate predictors of people’s likelihood to stay and put down roots. And Venn Neighbors are simply less lonely than their peers. The social impact of increasing real-life connections and decreasing loneliness goes hand-in-hand with increasing demand, retention, and net operating income for our real estate partners. Last year, Venn Neighbors reported a 50% rise in the number of new connections made with Neighbors, and contributed a 240% boost in local spending. All because vibrant, connected neighborhoods attract more new residents and, perhaps more importantly, give them compelling reasons to stay. Simply put, Venn’s Neighborhood Platform aligns all the interests in the neighborhoods, so vitality and growth can benefit every member of a community.

What's next?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed Venn, just like it did most people, companies and communities. Nearly everyone in the world was more isolated from the world around them than ever before. Which means Venn had a larger human need to solve than ever before. So we expanded our business model to include real estate partner communities and our own Venn-branded communities. Now, because of our partners and their willingness to put resident Belonging and Venn’s Neighborhood Platform at the heart of their businesses, we’re expanding at a rate of more than 1,000 percent per year, with no end in sight. We won’t stop until neighbors and neighborhoods everywhere are more connected to one another.

Together, we’re building a future where more people feel a greater sense of Belonging in their homes and neighborhoods.

We are expanding aggressively around the world and need world-class talent like you to join us on our journey.

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