Lead Automation Engineer

Tel-Aviv, Israel · Full-time

About The Position

Belonging. We all know it when we feel it—when we feel connected to and a vital part of a larger community. It’s hard to create, hard to define, and even harder to measure. And yet, everyone wants to feel it. That’s where Venn comes in. And where you can make an impact.

Venn is on a mission to help people everywhere feel a deeper sense of belonging in their homes and neighborhoods. We build world-class technology platforms, physical and virtual spaces, and local programming and expertise that combine into our seamless “Neighborhood as a Service” offering. We’ve spent the past five years developing our model for maximum impact, and now we’re scaling globally.

Are we a tech company? Yes, but we’re the most human tech company you’ll ever meet. We want people to use our platform to leave it—to connect with neighbors, support their local economies, and give back to their communities. Simply put, we want them to Build Their Neighborhood. And there’s a place for you and your ambitions to help us do just that.

Whether you’re an engineer who wants to put your skills to work building a business that makes a positive social impact; a designer who wants to explore the interplay between digital and physical experiences; or a relationship manager who wants to lead the alignment of whole cities’ interests for the benefit of all…there’s a place for you at Venn. If you do any of these things or many more, and you’re ambitious and like to work hard and be nice, come join the more than 100 Venners on a mission to make it easier to meet neighbors around the corner than strangers around the world.

The Engineering Team — Venn’s software engineers develop the tech products that power Venn’s Neighborhood Engagement Platform. The products range from mobile apps and smart home solutions that help our community members enjoy our personal and community services, events, and spaces, all the way to a robust internal platform that helps Venn and its partners operate with great efficiency.

The Technology — Our solution is built on top of cutting-edge technologies. We run everything on AWS and are mostly serverless. The server-side language of choice is Typescript on Node.js, and Federated GraphQL is our API layer. On the client-side we use React and React-Native for our mobile. We are big fans of automating everything and doing as little manual labor! CI/CD processes are running on CircleCI, we deploy infrastructure-as-code, and since we don’t have legacy code (well, almost...), we are doing things right for the first time. 

A partial list of the technologies & services we are using includes: AWS lambda, ECS, API Gateway, SNS, SQS, Postgres, Elasticache, GraphQL, Apollo Server, React, Serverless Framework, Terraform, Jest, Cypress, Detox, and many more.


The Position - While all Venn engineers write their own tests and automation, we are looking for that special one that will champion our automation efforts. 

As the team’s automation lead you will guide and support our engineering org around automation technologies, infrastructure, and best practices, as well as champion new initiatives such as load testing, monitoring, application security, and many more.

Working closely with our developers and product managers, you will actively participate in design reviews, technical designs, as well ongoing scrum meetings.

The must

  • Experienced in implementing automation infrastructure for both backend & front-end systems
  • At least 3 years of experience in coding in a modern language, preferably Javascript
  • Strong knowledge of Automation QA methodologies, tools, and processes
  • Strong analytical thinking, systematic problem-solving skills
  • Familiar with start-up environment and working in an agile environment   

The nice

  • Experienced in integrating with third-party web APIs
  • Experienced with complex distributed cloud systems
  • Familiar with the basics of SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Have contributed to, or managed an open-source project

Venn is an equal opportunity workplace. We believe in the strength of inclusive communities and thrive to build a work environment that mirrors the diversity of the cities that we love

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