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Community Engagement and Participation

30 local organization partnerships developed
29% of members volunteer (Tel Aviv only)

Understanding and responding to a community’s local needs are central to Venn’s impact approach. Using our platform, members, neighbors, and Venn employees have initiated and participated in a variety of cultural events within their communities. The events aim to build a more inclusive, connected society, while protecting the individual character of each neighborhood.

Electric Earth Fundraiser Event

Venn partnered with the Boa Foundation in Bushwick to host an evening performance with a global impact mission. Open to the whole neighborhood, the sensory experience included speakers, a performance by Natalia Clavier, and stages that poured lights, images, and music into the previously empty space. The event was part of the Boa Foundation’s larger mission to support artistic projects in indigenous communities. All profits were donated to a community center in Togo to fight deforestation.

Stories of the Streets Exhibition

‘People of the Streets’ is an internationally acclaimed organization that focuses on humanizing stories about homelessness. In August, they held their debut in Israel, hosted at our coworking space in Shapira. This was a result of a three-way collaboration with ‘Echpat’, an Israeli aid organization that combats homelessness. The exhibit presented photographs taken by homeless artists and offered viewers exposure to the overlooked stories of Tel Aviv’s homeless population. “It is the strongest exhibition we have done so far,” said Alex Greenhalgh, CEO of People of the Streets.



“In many ways, Venn is giving pride back to communities by giving life to areas, which have long been allowed to degenerate.”

(James Dearsley, Estate Agent Today)