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85% of members are satisfied with their apartment 
89% of members in Tel Aviv renewed their contracts

Housing is one of the most important aspects of urban life. Positively impacting our members means holding ourselves to the highest standards of inclusivity outlined by the Fair Housing Act and beyond. We use a respectful and equal-opportunity application process that sees the person behind the credit score. Our apartments are of the highest quality and are leased at fair prices. To provide our members with greater value and housing security, we put limits on annual rent increases. Venn’s ‘best landlord’ approach to solving maintenance issues is powered by our digital personal assistant, Vini. In all our apartments and buildings, we opt for sustainable infrastructure to reduce our carbon footprint.

Relieving the Financial Burden of the Security Deposit

For New York City renters, the security deposit is a notorious burden. Traditionally when renters sign a lease, they must pay their landlords one, sometimes two, months of rent upfront as a security deposit. That often amounts to thousands of dollars and can entirely deplete a renter’s savings. To lessen this financial burden, Venn partnered with Obligo, an innovative startup that uses technology to relieve renters from paying a security deposit. Thanks to the partnerships we developed with both Obligo and our local landlords, our members can now move in deposit free.



“You’re not just getting an apartment, you’re getting a community. As a company, Venn takes great care of their tenants. And as people, they show they really care about us too.”



(Yasmeen, Venn Bushwick)



“For me, Venn membership is a significant stress reliever. I email someone at Venn my needs and they take care of it.”


(Tal, Venn Tel-Aviv)