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Impact Statement

We believe that our role as modern entrepreneurs is to break the walls between business and philanthropy, by doing well and doing good. This is why Venn operates to generate and measure SROI (social return on investment) alongside traditional financial ROI (return on investment) . This is called the ‘double bottom line’ principle and we, as well as our impact investors, are 100% committed to it.

We aim to positively impact ‘urban wellbeing’ through making both our members as well as our neighborhoods happier. We positively impact our members by providing Fair Housing, curating Personal Development opportunities and encouraging Community Engagement. We positively impact our neighborhoods by driving Inclusive Economic Growth, celebrating Local Cultural and strengthening Neighborhood Resilience.

Using global standards along with local benchmarks, we developed an innovative impact model that allows us to set targets, collect data, measure our performance and continuously improve. We track objective parameters (such as company expense at local businesses and events participation) as well as subjective indicators (using periodical surveys) to focus the impact efforts, and report social performance to our investors and the public every 6 months. See our public reports here.