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Inclusive Local Economic Growth

86 local businesses received Venn’s support
Venn procured $665k of goods and services from 75 local vendors and suppliers

We see small, local businesses as the backbone of a neighborhood’s economy and central to its unique character. But in today’s world, these businesses often struggle to survive as national and online retailers grow in market dominance. To empower these local institutions, we actively choose to procure goods and services from small businesses in the neighborhood. We also connect them to Venn’s digital platform and provide access to the buying power of our community. Neighborhood entrepreneurs also benefit from Venn’s support to start their own independent businesses, which boosts the local economy and creates more jobs in the community.

Promoting Wellness Centers 

In Bushwick, we often heard that our members sought places where they could exercise and focus on their physical wellness. So our community managers distributed a list of local wellness centers and threw in a perk: Venn would pay for the first class if a member attended with another member. The result was a win for everyone. Local businesses benefited from increased patronage and Venn members had the double benefit of connecting with other community members and discovering local places to exercise.

Meeting Shop Owners 

In Friedrichshain, Venn invited the owner of a beloved local poke shop to one of the community’s monthly Dig-In dinners. A neighborhood resident for 50 years, the local entrepreneur shared how he arrived in Berlin, opened the restaurant, and grew it into the thriving family business it is today. The dinner was such a success that we decided to create a local partnership with the poke shop. Now, our members in Friedrichshain receive discounts on a healthy dine-out option in the neighborhood and the poke shop benefits from increased business.