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Personal Development

Venn members gain access to a range of programs, including professional development, educational opportunities, and cultural activities. In addition to gaining skills and experiences, members often go through a transformative process: at first taking participatory roles in events and then becoming active creators. Together, our members can achieve personal goals and realize untapped potential.

Building Leaders Program

Over the years, our philosophy has changed from ‘if we build it – they will come’ to ‘if they build it – they will stay.’ The newly launched ‘Building Leaders’ program across all our neighborhoods reflects just that. Active members are recruited to act as leaders of their buildings, representing their fellow members to Venn’s staff, planning community events for their neighbors, facilitating decisions about how to spend the building’s budget, and much more. With real responsibilities, members become community leaders and transform buildings into micro-communities. We strongly believe that this program will improve transparency and communication with Venn and provide members with more agency and influence in their communities.



“Venn membership makes you feel like a social entrepreneur.”


(Tal, Venn Tel Aviv)