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Sense of Belonging

Members’ loneliness level drops by 34% six months after joining  
95% of members feel socially supported six months after joining 

Since loneliness has become an urban epidemic, creating meaningful personal connections is key to Venn’s impact approach. To do so, we build welcoming and inclusive physical spaces, launch innovative digital tools and host engaging community events. Each community facilitates its own local activities, but they’re all designed with the same goal: to empower members to create long-lasting relationships with one another and the broader community.

Celebrating Local Holidays Together

Traditions are big part of what defines a community. Across the world, Venn community members have come together to celebrate local holidays. Few examples: In November, Bushwick members celebrated a Friendsgiving meal full of laughs and good food. On a surprisingly warm winter day in Friedrichshain, members took part in a festive Christmas Dig-In dinner and exchanged gifts. For Israel’s Memorial Day and Holocaust Day, Venn Shapira organized local ceremonies, enabling the community to come together for these emotional days.

Neighbor Connections

Community is not solely about events. Sometimes it is just a simple act of kindness. For example, when a young couple in Friedrichshain needed a babysitter, another member offered to help. The arrangement was mutually beneficial and has now become permanent: The parents receive extra child support and the babysitter makes some extra money. After one Bushwick member lost his job, another member encouraged him to apply for a position at her firm. Again, it was a success. The firm hired the member for a full-time job. Time and time again, our members show up for one another, demonstrating the importance of community in times of need.



“New York is nice but it can get pretty intense. Venn helped me surround myself with people who experience this feeling too. We come together and do things together, which helps me feel less alone.” 


(Daniel, Venn Bushwick)



“Venn is a great place to live, especially as a newcomer to Berlin. There are lots of family-friendly activities and there’s a strong sense of community.”


(Garrett, Venn Berlin)