BodyHoo Pilates Studios in Bushwick Inspires Inclusive Wellness


Becca Siegel

– VOL. 16

BodyHoo Studios is worth your attention. If the name alone didn’t get you, you’ll be hooked by the inspiring story and mission of this inclusive, anything-but-basic Bushwick pilates studio.

Owned by married couple and circus and sideshow performers, Arrie Fae and Meghann Bronson-Davidson, the fitness and wellness space offers a one-of-kind take on body positivity for community members in Bushwick and beyond.

Arrie and Meghann founded BodyHoo to create a vibrant and encouraging place where people of all backgrounds can enjoy support and fitness training. With a focus on inclusivity for diverse populations, including members of the transgender and nonbinary communities, BodyHoo is a welcoming home for the neighborhood. 

Venn interviewed both Arrie and Meghann, who are quoted together in this interview. 

Q: Tell us about your business and why it’s different.

A: As circus sideshow performers, we’ve been in this business a long time. When we were presented with the opportunity to open a business, it was about creating something that was an extension of what we feel in our creative work. 

We chose the name BodyHoo because ‘ballyhoo’ is a historical sideshow term that means ‘extravagant language.’ We wanted a name that reflected us and our philosophy. For us, the studio is a call-to-action to celebrate yourself in a flamboyant, extravagant way.

We don’t want people to feel intimidated, which is something people might feel in fitness studios. In a literal sense, we want people to know that BodyHoo is a place where everybody is already perfect and can come to practice yoga or pilates. We wanted to create a space that was everything we believe, and who we are. 

Image of bodyhoo pilates studios bushwick

Arrie and Meghann are married, founded BodyHoo together, and also perform as The Brides, a circus sideshow duo. That’s partnership!

Q: When did you decide “now” was the time to open BodyHoo, and how did you choose Bushwick? 

A: We heard about a former yoga studio that vacated their space during the pandemic. We took a look and found it was already a beautiful space! We knew that it was connected to a rehearsal space and performance venue downstairs fire performance and aerial. It’s also connected to Fien Coffee. We loved the literal sharing of space among the three of us. 

Q: How is BodyHoo promoting wellness and body positivity for members of the Bushwick community? 

A: We take what we do, and the material, very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. As adults, we forget to laugh and smile and enjoy play.

On a personal level, as a trans woman, I [Arrie], have had to re-learn firsthand how to be comfortable, smile and laugh as a person in my body. I have to not let the mountain of noise and insecurity inhibit me from doing things that are healthy and fun. I bring that energy into class. 

As performers, as a duo together, we have had to deal with obstacles of not getting certain types of bookings because we don’t fit into a traditional circus “mold” as a couple. Because of those experiences, it infuses how we plan our class curricula, and the whole space, for different people, so they are welcome.

image of bodyhoo pilates studio bushwick

Meghann teaches a pilates tower class at the studio in Bushwick.

Our philosophy is to move and have fun, and feel good.

Q: What’s a long-term goal for inspiring change in the Neighborhood through BodyHoo? 

A: We’ve lived in this neighborhood for several years now, so I see the studio as being a contributor to the neighborhood, as a place where people can light up inside. 

I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh I just took a good class.’ Instead, I want them to be excited because they know they’re coming to class. I want to contribute to that energy while they’re here, and throughout the neighborhood.

We have this vision with our partners that we’ll bring a sort of “Coney Island idea” to the neighborhood, and do outdoor carnivals and markets. A long-term goal is to provide and contribute to this community, and also, to this little mecca of space.

image of bodyhoo pilates studio bushwick

Class options include a variety of pilate levels as well as aerial yoga. 

Q: What kind of impact has BodyHoo had on the Bushwick community? Any specific feedback? 

A: Our goal is to serve the direct community. It’s been nice to hear from our neighbors. We’ve gotten comments about how it’s nice that we’re a queer-owned business in the neighborhood, and that there’s ‘quality,’ both in the strong offering of yoga flow, and that in the same studio, people can take a pilates class without having to leave the neighborhood. It’s all in one place.

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