Hello Neighbor! Venn Founders Make the Holidays Even Merrier


Angela Cravens

– VOL. 7

Our “Hello Neighbor!” series is an ongoing collection of short stories from the heart of our neighborhoods and the people who make them home.

As Told By Chen in Bushwick:

The holidays are an amazing time of connection and celebration. But for far too many people, the “most wonderful time of the year” is actually their loneliest.

This is something that I’ve become more aware of, now that I’m based in Brooklyn with most of my family back home in Tel Aviv. So, I was excited to hear Circles is making an impact with Holidays #NoFilter, which offers free online support for anyone who may be struggling this year. With expert advice, meditations and online group therapy, no one has to feel disconnected. 

My wife and I were so inspired by this initiative that we decided to host a Christmas Eve dinner for all of our neighbors. Let’s lift each other up this year! We’ll eat, drink and make merry. Join us for a free holiday dinner at Venn Cowork