Peek under the hood: How the Venn app helps Neighbors really connect


Mariela Quintana

– VOL. 6

On a recent Thursday, Ashley H. posted “Hi! I’m new to the neighborhood. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy dog sitter?” Celeste B. reminded “Don’t forget book club tonight at 7 pm!” and Brad B. shared “Shout to my fitness-focused neighbors: Sign up for crossfit with Collin this Saturday!”

These are just a few of the messages Venn Neighbors could discover while scrolling through the Life at Venn app, a digital platform designed for creating real-world connections between Neighbors.

Image of the Life at Venn app

Neighbors can use the Life at Venn app to check into community events.

It seems counterintuitive that a digital app could be the starting point for making real-life connections with neighbors just down the block, but these days, we do everything online from buying homes to meeting our spouses. So why wouldn’t we also use an app to make local connections and make the most of our homes and communities? 

While plenty of apps lead to doom-scrolling and an increased sense of loneliness, the Venn app serves as an antidote to that, offering features custom-tailored to the local community from event invitations and neighbor message boards to curated home services. Check out this short video for a peek inside the app and what it does for our Neighbors.

Are you a Venn Neighbor? You’re in luck. You can start making connections right now. Download the Life at Venn app now to get started.

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