Hello Neighbor! Joy in Bloom


Dror, a Venn Neighbor

– VOL. 5

“Joy in Bloom” is an oral narrative as told by Dror, a Venn Neighbor living in Shapira, and is the first of our”Hello Neighbor!” series, an ongoing collection of short stories from the heart of our neighborhoods and the people who make them home.

As a Building Leader, I’ve realized more than anything my role is to be an outlet, someone that others can talk to. Many of us were isolated last year, but we forged friendships—sometimes online. We started collecting addresses of senior citizens in the neighborhood who had not left their house to see their families for a long time. We were able to drum up lots of flower donations from local nurseries, which we distributed to the people in their homes. The joy and happiness it gave them was worth it all. It just makes you realize that there are things that can be done, even the smallest things, that will greatly impact a person’s day. You just have to look outside and you’ll see who and how you can put another smile on someone’s face.