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For everyone who’s grappled with wanderlust over the past year—we get you. Us too. But there has been a unique silver lining to our of-late, rather confined world: Eating local.

“At General Irving, one of our favorite aspects of serving our community is discovering all of the incredible makers right here in our backyard.”

And our Bushwick community is never lacking in unique goods made in New York with heart, soul—and sustainability. Here, a roundup of some of our favorite brands from local makers, all of which you can find at General Irving.

Spare Food Co.
Red Hook
Quench your thirst and revolutionize the food system, all at once. Spare Tonic is a new whey-based carbonated beverage by brothers Jeremy and Adam Kaye. Back when Adam was a chef-partner at Blue Hill, he started obsessing over how much unused food was produced by restaurants and farms. He launched Spare as an experiment in scaling the latent value in food that would otherwise be thrown away. The result? “Kombucha 2.0 with electrolytes.” We love it.

Parlor Coffee
Fort Greene
It all started in the back of the Persons of Interest barbershop in Williamsburg, where Dillon Edwards perfected his brew. Word got out that the Portland-bred barista was fixing up some seriously good coffee, and today he travels around the world to source the finest cup, with respect for partners at every step along the supply chain.

Venn Neighbors say they come for the coffee, but stay for the community.

Crown Finish Caves
Crown Heights
Just next door to Berg’n, there’s something special brewing underground. There, in 1850s-era tunnels under the former Nassau Brewery, Crown Finish Caves is aging cheeses using the European process of affinage—think of it as a painstaking ticket to deliciousness. 

New York City
On a typical morning, our Bushwick community is all about the culture. How do we know? Because we can’t keep this stuff on the shelf! CocoJune is a sustainable, plant-based yogurt alternative made in New York City by two Danes with a passion for organic agriculture. With flavors like Lemon Elderflower and Vanilla Chamomile, it’s also coconut-based, creamy, and teeming with billions of probiotics.

Rooted Greenery
Sure, we live in the Concrete Jungle, but we keep it fresh and green with our friends at Rooted. The founders, originally from California and Hawaii, felt disconnected from nature when they first moved to Brooklyn. When their indoor gardens thrived, they discovered a mission to reconnect New Yorkers with nature—one houseplant at a time. Today, they are all about making the plant-buying experience fun, sustainable, and fool-proof. Come by one of our Rooted workshops and see for yourself!

General Irving is one of Venn Bushwick’s spaces for the neighborhood to enjoy. Neighbors can come get coffee and shop for goods provided by local businesses.

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