Small Business Spotlight: Wild Wines in Bushwick


Keli Oliseh

– VOL. 8

Running a business during the pandemic when most small businesses shut down can be nothing short of a miracle, but Michal Sprecher found a way to keep Wild Wines open and running.

Wild Wines opened at a crucial time in the pandemic and is owned by Michal Sprecher who is also interestingly a ceramist. A neighborhood wine and spirit shop, Wild Wines has rare finds and a wide selection of natural wines and complementing items like bitters, vintage barware, and a merch store called Wild Things.

Sprecher partners with Venn to host  Neighborhood events, helping to build connections between Neighbors and local businesses. Wild Wines has provided wine for events like our monthly Dig In Dinners, and also refers local sommeliers for other events at our very own Venn Space that’s a bodega/coffee shop, General Irving. The last wine tasting event was instructed by Raquel Makler of Winona’s in Brooklyn.

Image of locally owned wine shop bushwick

Thanks Venn’s partnership with Wild Wines, Neighbors can discover new and interesting varietals at our monthly Dig In Dinners.

“Providing a bridge to the resources in the Neighborhood is a very important part in connecting to where you live,” said Venn Bushwick Host Jessica Prestia. “We love showing Neighbors that everything they need is right here in the community.”

Sprecher takes pride in being able to serve her community through the difficulties of the pandemic, providing chefs, friends, and families with quality wines from a great selection, including local labels.

Image of Locally owned wine shop bushwick

Orange wine from Wild Wines paired perfectly with the pork chop and lentils served at our Dig In dinners last fall.

Neighbors love chatting with Sprecher when she is around and comment on how all the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They are always on hand to give good recommendations and help people discover new wines for dinner parties or the best wines for certain dishes.

“One of the most beautiful things about Wild Wines are rare finds at affordable prices, and the staff are the most helpful and friendly. They truly enjoy helping you discover new wines for dinner parties,” says Prestia

Wild Wines also holds regular tastings, so if you’re in Bushwick, be sure to stop by this favorite local business.