How to Host a Successful Event for Any Occasion: Six Easy Tips


Alicia Briggs

– VOL. 7

While most people love attending events, many find hosting an event to be somewhat challenging. Our Venn Hosts throw several neighborhood events a month and are your go-to experts. Here are their six simple tips to make throwing a successful event just as fun as attending one. 

“We’re all caught up in our own routines and I think that our events are an opportunity to break out of the day-to-day and out of your own head,” says Arie Cutler, a Venn Host in Kansas City. “They provide a chance to connect with those physically closest to you–those that you benefit most from establishing a relationship with.”

With Arie’s help, we’ve put together six simple ways to throw an unforgettable event. Use the tips below to ensure your next event is a hit:

1. Get clear on your purpose

A great first step in throwing an event is to figure out the reason behind it. 

“My advice is to think of your mission before you set any plan into motion. Who do you want to bring to your event? How do you want them to feel? What will help them connect to others there?” Arie suggests. 

Once you truly understand the purpose of your event, you can then start to plan.

Image of how to plan a successful event

Over the summer in Kansas City, Neighbors brainstormed how to host events that would attract the entire community. One takeaway from the brainstorm? Intentionality is key.


2. Get some input 

When planning the details of your event, why not get some advice from the very people it’s for? This is a great way to brainstorm ideas or make hard decisions. 

“Reach out to the community [or your attendees] for feedback, flesh out the details based on what the community wants, and get [them] involved!” Arie recommends. 

You can easily use the Life at Venn app to find relevant people and experts in your community to gather great input. Post on the community board.

3. Think through the guest list

The guest list is one of the most important pieces of a successful gathering. You want to ensure that your attendees will mesh well with each other, and with the event.  

If there’s a seating chart, put some thought into who you sit next to each other. If you’re trying to promote something, inviting the people you want to pitch to or network with is essential. Whatever the purpose of your event, make sure the guest list is made for it.  

Unsure how to find the right guests? Venn can help you connect with a like-minded, interested audience. 

4. Have a plan

Having a plan, and a backup plan, is essential when it comes to hosting a successful event. Think through every detail. 

Whether that’s making a seating chart, planning activities to connect guests, creating a great playlist, or ensuring food and beverages accommodate dietary restrictions, planning out each detail will ensure things go smoothly. 

When it comes to figuring out these details–like caterers, decorators, or event spaces–Venn is a great resource. We can connect you with fellow business owners, artists, or vendors in your neighborhood. 

Image of how to throw a successful event

Above, a young Neighbor in Kansas City checks out the fruit cups at our Saturday morning poolside yoga classes. The combination of an activity plus refreshments is essential to any successful event. 

5. Promote yourself!

If you’re hosting a public event versus a private event, don’t forget to market yourself. Create social media posts, announcements, or email campaigns– whatever works for you to get the word out.

If you’re having trouble spreading the word about your event, you can easily post to the Life at Venn app or talk to your Venn Host about how to reach a larger audience. 

6. Focus on connection

You may have your own goal for your event, but what really matters is how connected the audience feels to you, and to each other. 

One of the more impactful events Arie facilitated was a Community Plant Swap. “Neighbors brought clippings from their own plants to trade, and our team provided a few gifts from local nursery Virgil’s Plant Shop,” she recounts. “We saw so much interest in group plant care that an ongoing chat was formed in the Life at Venn app. They remain in touch daily to talk about everything from ongoing care to trading.” 

At the end of the day, the true measure of a successful event is if it made an impact on your attendees. That impact will build a stronger community that keeps coming back for more.