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There’s a certain buzz in the air that only happens during the first few days of spring. And we’re not just talking about the free coffee.

Over several mornings in April, Neighbors gathered on the lawns outside their apartment buildings for coffee and donuts provided by Cowtown Mini Donuts, care of the Venn community. In one of the first IRL gatherings for the community after the pandemic, everyone enjoyed sprinkled confections, a burst of sunshine, good conversation, and more than a few four-legged friends running about. It was one of those perfect, easy ways to connect for a community that is just getting back together after an isolated winter.  

Image of Free Coffee Kansas City

Neighbors looked under their cups to see if they won a free scooter, gift card or a free month’s rent.

The very idea for Cowtown, a local husband-and-wife-owned business, was inspired by these sorts of moments of connection. Owners Cortney and Travis decided to invest in a food truck after Cortney observed soccer moms hanging out on the sidelines while they watched their daughters practice on Saturday mornings. She figured these weekly rituals would be so much more fun if everyone had some hot coffee and a treat to enjoy.

At Venn, we’re passionate about supporting our local businesses, and judging by the crowd, our Neighbors are too.

Image of Kansas City morning coffee

Neighbors enjoying free coffee and mini donuts from local husband-and-wife-owned-business, Cowtown Mini Donuts.

We were also thrilled to offer another unique treat to our community—everyone who showed up was entered to win a Unagi electric scooter and a free month’s rent. You can expect to see building leader Brendan Butler tooling around the neighborhood on his new scooter. And congrats to Maggie Newlin who scored a month of free rent!

Stay tuned for more fun gatherings this summer, and more opportunities to support local businesses. If you have a great idea for a local activation, please reach out to your Venn Host—we love collaborating with Neighbors on gatherings for the community.

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