Hello Neighbor! Jazz Lives in Shapira


Alicia Briggs

– VOL. 11

Our “Hello Neighbor!” series is an ongoing collection of short stories from the heart of our neighborhoods and the people who make them home.

As told by Chen Asraf

Recently, I arranged a jam session at one of the Venn spaces in Tel Aviv. I’m a musician, so this was something I was thrilled to host. There’s nothing I love more than connecting with others through music. 

The jam session went well—it was wonderful to play with Venn neighbors. At one point, I was on the guitar and a woman was singing with me. We were playing jazz music. 

After our session, we introduced ourselves and I found out her name was Almog. She was a fellow Venn neighbor. Almog shared that she was formerly a professional musician but it had been a while since she sang on stage. I’m glad she decided to join in—we had so much fun jamming together. 

As we kept talking, we realized that we were about to be neighbors. I was moving into a Venn apartment in the same building as her. What are the chances? 


I don’t think I would have met Almog if we hadn’t done this Venn event. It’s great to know that I now have a neighbor to play music with whenever we want.